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In business, it’s important to make a good first impression—especially to your customers. We know you work hard to build your reputation, that is why we’re here to help you achieve that professional and well-maintained commercial property.

From restaurants to warehouses, and all the commercial spaces in between, Bajan Outdoor Living delivers only the best concrete coatings for you! If you’re from Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, Chapin, Blythewood, or the surrounding areas, a new concrete coating will definitely do wonders for the ambiance of your space. 

Our highly skilled and professional concrete experts are ready to help you transform your commercial concrete flooring. Are you ready to jumpstart this project? Here at Bajan Outdoor Living, you are in the best hands. 

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Top-rated Commercial Concrete Coatings

At Bajan Outdoor Living, our dedication to customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. Not only do we take pride in giving you the best commercial concrete coatings, but also our relationship with our customers whether you’re a home or business owner, who inspires us to always deliver top tier services in Columbia, SC and other surrounding areas.

As a locally owned business, we have a very good understanding of what business owners want their customers to see. If you are looking for a trusted company for your commercial concrete coatings, look no further because we are what you need. 

Gray Stained Concrete

Stained (Indoor)

A economical option to an indoor space which is suitable for residential and commercial spaces. 

Stained Concrete has become very popular in recent years due to its versatility and cost. It provides a beautiful surface that is durable and easy to take care of.   

As with natural stone, you can’t expect stained concrete to be uniform or have an even tone because each concrete surface can react differently. These unique qualities are what make staining concrete so desirable! 

Solid Color Polyaspartic

Solid Color Polyaspartic or Epoxy is an excellent protective coating for high traffic floors because of its high chemical and wear resistant properties.

Ideally suited for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

USDA, FDA, OSHA and EPA Compliant

Solid Color Polyaspartic Shop Floor
Church Auxilary Hall Creekside Flakes Coating

Flake (Chip) Floor

Colored flakes offer a finished look to any concrete floor coating.

These flakes are sandwiched between the pigment (base) coat and the clear (finish) coat providing a visually attractive finish that will last forever.

The system will protect the floor from abrasion and chemical abuse while offering added traction benefits.

Flakes are available in a variety of color blends:

Colored Quartz Floor

A combination of colored quartz aggregate fused together during the application process into a seamless surface.

The system will protect the floor from abrasion and chemical abuse and is suitable for many applications.

Meets USD, FDA and OSHA standards.

Colored Quartz Floor
Blue, Dark Gray and Black Metallic Floor

Metallic Floor

A combination of colored metallic pigments suspended in clear epoxy over a pigmented base fused together during the application process into a seamless finish.

The system will protect the floor from abrasion and chemical abuse.

The metallic pigments produce a unique three-dimensional appearance to the floor and is truly always one of a kind.

Our ApplicaTIONS

Full Commercial Flake Floor Coating

The whole maintenance of your commercial property shouldn’t overlook your floor. Of all the spaces in your commercial property, your floor often takes the most beating with all the foot traffic and heavy equipments. It’s time to invest for a reliable and durable commercial floor coating provided by the outstanding concrete coating company in Columbia, SC and other surrounding areas. 

Don’t let worn-out, faded, scuffed, or stained floors affect your beautiful commercial space—you can count on our services that uses high quality polyaspartic floor coatings that is versatile, more durable, and cures faster. We can guarantee that this is a worthy investment for your commercial property with a lifetime warranty for hot tire pick up and peeling.

Warehouse Floor Coatings

As a business owner, you aim for your products and services to serve your customers best. And that quality is also something that you aim for when investing in your warehouse floor. If you need a warehouse floor coatings that can withstand chemical spills, and something that can be cleaned easily, our service is right for you. 

Our warehouse floor coatings are the ideal choice for food and beverage manufacturers, and other types of warehouses. More than the design options that we have, choosing the right type of warehouse floor coatings that function properly will help you save time and money. If you’re aiming for a smooth, even floor for your warehouses in Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, and the surrounding areas, let our team take on your project!