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Our Guarantee

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Our Guarantee

Bajan Outdoor Living warrants application to original owner for a period of one (1) year from the date installed including materials and labor, as related to mechanical bonding to substrate and general performance characteristics as outlined in technical data/specification sheets.

The completed surface will be matched to original sample/samples provided or color chart literature as close as possible; however, actual colors/tints and decorative outcome will vary on each architectural concrete surface due to substrate itself and other inherent surface conditions, which is what makes this such a unique individualized decorative concrete surface.

All future care and maintenance of decorative concrete is not part of the warranty but the customer’s sole responsibility. The frequency with which decorative concrete will need reseal will vary from project to project but typically is needed every 3-5 years. It is highly recommended that you keep the surface clean and reseal only as needed. Between sealing, the surface shine and color may fade slightly. A fresh coat of sealer will protect and keep the color vibrant similar to the day it was installed. Too much sealer can also cause problems such as whitening.

The re-sealing test: To determine if the concrete needs to resealed, sprinkle water on the concrete surface. If the water is absorbed and makes the surface noticeably darker, the sealer has worn off and resealing the project will restore some or all its original beauty. If the water is not absorbed and beads on the surface, the concrete should still be protected and likely does not require additional resealing.

If application, as to original owner, proves to be defective Bajan Outdoor Living will repair the surface at no cost. Neither Bajan Outdoor Living nor Manufacturer shall be responsible for earth or ground-fill movement, earthquakes, cracks or heaves in the existing sub-surface, discoloration, reduction of gloss, hydro-static pressure, seasonal rising moisture conditions, acts of God, negligence, normal wear, or acts of others.

Garage Floor Applications are warranted to be free from material defects and peeling (including hot tire pickup) to normal wear and tear for a LIFETIME. If, during that time, it is defective, we will fix it.  Period.  But, if you gouge it, drag your equipment across it or tear it up, is not in warranty, you are not covered for that, but we can come out and fix it for a reasonable rate.